Paul Kalkbrenner live in Belgrade for the first time ever

Blender continues to book top class artists, giving Belgrade the chance to host one of the most wanted names in Electronic scene for the first time ever, in Hangar on November 24. We proudly present Paul Kalkbrenner’s LIVE act!

Paul Kalkbrenner, the icon of Berlin, is internationally known for his unique talent granting him seven studio albums and over 2 million Facebook fans. He deeply believes in his outstanding production capabilities which are best expressed during his live shows. His rich compositions filled with energy are made out of his fundamental desire to pull the listeners out of their tiresome everyday activities and bring them in the sincere artistic excitement surrounded by positive energy, friendship, hope and love.

Paul began his DJ journey in 1992, when Sascha Funke and he played music together in local clubs packed mostly with younger crowd. Soon they both became obsessed with Electronic Music and started collecting vinyl records unrelentlessly. When he was only 18 years old, Paul was working for a German television channel and earning enough to gradually buy production equipment. As much as he enjoyed the exciting life of a DJ, deep down he actually wanted to present his own music to the crowd. He released his first tracks on Bpitch record label (owned by Ellen Allien) in 1999. His biggest success that definitely made him one of the most reputable artists of the global Electronic Music scene is the soundtrack for the movie Berlin Calling, leaving the crowd in awe. In 2009 he created his own label Paul Kalkbrenner Musik on which he continued releasing albums. In the end, Paul always returns to his Berlin roots unwinding with the help of his Back To The Future mixes. This trilogy represents the chronologically written history of the arrival of Electronic Music to Berlin, which he recorded regularly listening to the radio when he was a teenager.

On top of that, one of the most prominent female Techno DJs of Japan, Hito, will contribute to making this night one to remember.

Local support for this superstar will be Marko Milosavljevic and Nic Lawyer.


Adriatique & Woo York open the winter season of Blender parties

On October 14, Blender will start its winter party series in the Hangar with two more than interesting DJ duos. Adriatique – famous and popular among the local crowd for their music and the Diynamic label which they are members of; Woo York – production trendsetters of the new Techno wave, for the first time playing in Belgrade.

Although moving to the enclosed winter venue, Blender announces a warm winter season filled with great music and positive energy with its amazing bookings and outstanding production.

The popular DJ duo, Adriatique, started their partnership with an idea and desire to establish a unique sound signature connecting them with the crowd that understands and identifies with the thought that music is meditation. Adriatique is present and popular in clubs around the world. Their mutual approach to DJing can be described as the work of true selectors of music that is extremely diverse, and at the same time, very convincing. Their music represents a journey through selected melodies of Techno or Deep sound, very energetic, constantly tense, liberated with a breathtaking break making the crowd dance their feet off.

One of the representatives of a new Techno wave, the Ukrainian producer duo, Woo York, will have their Belgrade premiere. They made quite a breakthrough with their specific, dark, strong, but at the same time, sofisticated sound. With their inimitable live performance, they became one of the leaders of the underground Electronic Music scene. Woo York released some massive tracks on legendary labels such as Afterlife, Life & Death, Soma and Dystopian.