Blender interview: Alan Fitzpatrick

  • Techno music is constantly changing. How do you deal with all those changes on the scene and music market?

I just focus on my own vision and try not to worry too much about other people. It’s so easy to get worked up but other people’s plans and what’s going on in their career. I find it’s best to be unphased by all of this and focus on myself and my music.

  • You had one period when you were playing music for your fans and working for “House Gigging”. Where did you get this idea? Is it homage for past times or is it something different?

It was a combination of both really. I really admire the dedication of some of my fans and thought it was time to give something back to them. It seemed right to do this in a more intimate setting – and where better than their front room! It also felt like we were going back to where it all started out, authentic parties where people just turned up and danced. The house parties were really fun – we didn’t know if the police were going to turn up and shut the whole thing down, to be honest I wouldn’t have blamed them. The void soundsystem had every window on the street shaking!

  • Describe your music in three words.

Pretty Fucking Awesome

  • What unique experience from your career won’t you ever forget?

There are quite a few actually but if I had to pick one I’d probably say my b2b with Sasha last year. I’ve always been a massive fan so that was a real buzz for me.

  • What is your favorite party destination? Whose show wouldn’t you ever miss?

Definitely Ibiza. And I’d love to see BICEP Live or maybe Ross from Friends – his music really interests me.

  • What DJ or producer is the most fun to party with and why?

I don’t really party much anymore but I always have a laugh with Scream.

  • Your favorite artist and album of all time?

Prince – Purple Rain. I’m a huge Prince fan – isn’t everyone?

  • Your top 3 tracks of any genre?

Jeff Mills – The Bells

Prince – I wanna be your love

Stone Roses – I want to be adored

  • Young artists to watch in 2019?

I’d keep an eye on some of the fresh talent on my label; We Are The Brave. “A.S.H” is definitely one to watch at the moment. His music is wicked and his DJ sets are even better – he really knows how to work the crowd. His debut release on the label last year was huge and we’ve got some more planned for this year.

  • Tell us more about your new EP “11:11 The Awakening”

It’s a 7 track EP out last month. I was touring quite a lot last year and didn’t release a massive amount of music so I was keen to get a chunky EP out in January and just start the year off with a bang. Some of the tracks have been on my laptop for years and some of them are new – I just thought they worked well together. I asked Polymod to remix the lead track ‘Eleven Eleven’ and it was wicked – these two tracks were the basis of the EP.

  • What are your plans for 2019?

I’ve got a lot planned for this year, especially with ‘We Are The Brave’. Expect more music, more events, 2019 is definitely going to be the year for us.

  • You have already met our crowd, what do you expect from them this time and what can they expect from you?

The Serbian crowd are great fun – always up for it! I can’t wait to be back, I always take January off touring so it’s good to get back behind the decks. Expect bombs from me, I’ve got lots of new music to share with everyone.

Blender interview: Chicola

What artist/album/song marked 2018?

Hey , Thanks for having me , looking forward to play in Belgrade .  2018 was amazing year full of great music , one of the biggest for me was my track Mandragora & also Adam Port Remix to Rufus Du Sol – Underwater , I really loved Nils Frahm ‘ All Melody ‘ album and Olafur Arnalds ‘ Re:Member ‘ Beautiful Album .

Tell us one unique experience in 2018 that you will never forget?

One of the best moments I had in 2018 was playing in Tomorrowland with my good friends , it’s one the best festivals I have ever saw and the production side is impressive . 

What’s your favorite drink for New Year’s Eve toasts?

Martini On The Rocks

Which song would you like to hear on New Year’s Eve at midnight?

Haha thats a good one , i would love to play All You Need Is Love by The Beatles 🙂

What is your favorite party destination? Whose show wouldn’t you miss in 2019?

I really like to travel and meet new people and also explore new places  , i feel very lucky i am able to do it , its Hard to pick one as there are so many good places i love to play , I think Argentina is one of my favorites for sure

What DJ or producer is the most fun to party with ?

A Night with my good Friends Sahar Z , Guy Mantzur , Eli Nissan , Guy J , Yariv Etzion & Hen is always ends up super funny .

What are your plans for 2019?

I am currently working a lot on new music and also planning my next South America Tour and than more remixes so i am really excited

What would you like to wish your fans in 2019?

I would like to thank all the music lovers around the world who support my music , i wish each one of my fans a great year full of joy , happiness and great music 

You have already met our crowd, what do you expect from them this time and what can they expect from you?

I really enjoyed last time when i played in Belgrade the crowd is really amazing and i am looking forward to play again , i have prepared some new great tracks so stay tuned and see you all soon on the dancefloor!

Blender interview: Jan Blomqvist

How does it feel when your dream comes true and did you have doubts on way to the top?

Actually, nothing really changed. I’m still doing my job. I am still believing in myself and the thing that I’m doing. In the first 8 years of my career, it didn’t work out so well. I needed to work as a bartender to earn a living. After that it got better step by step. At some point, I could afford to have my band play with me. Then I was able to move the studio from my living room to an actual studio place. In the end, it does not feel like a dream come true. Maybe because it was a gradual and long process and I needed to work hard to make this happen. It’s not like I won the lottery. What people don’t see is that I’m also just doing a job. It’s frustrating at times and it’s often hard to motivate myself because of the enormous pressure to keep producing and releasing. People consume a track in 5-7 minutes but don’t realise how much time and energy went into those 5-8 minutes. But this is me complaining on a high level. Being able to earn a living through music makes me happy in the bigger picture. A dream come true would be a house in the mountains though. 🙂

Why did you decide to include band in your live performance and what is the most exciting thing about performing live with a band?

It’s much more fun to play with the band. On my own, I’m pushing buttons, playing samples and mixing them live. With the band, there’s a totally different dynamic on stage. The guys and me have been friends for such a long time now, we even played in the same punk rock band back in the days. So obviously, it’s much more fun to travel and rock together. Maybe you can compare this to playing soccer. It’s fun to shoot a ball by yourself. But it’s a different and much more rewarding and fun experience in a team. There’s also more room for surprises. Not everything works out when we’re playing with the band. But sometimes things happen, that we could not have planned any better. Those moments are amazing. We are creating something new while 5000 people are there with us to witness this moment.

Is there a finish in art career? Are there things which you achieve and after them you can say your heart is full and you are done?

No! Thankfully there is no such thing as an end. I wouldn’t wanna do a job that you can fully complete without any chance of development. I love the fact that it’s not only possible but almost mandatory to reinvent yourself in my line of work. It’s a challenge but also the biggest reward. I don’t see myself ever completing music. At least not in a lifetime. Maybe I won’t be on stage for all my life. But I definitely will make music one way or another.

Your favourite artist and album of all times?

The answer to this question is always a different one. It changes the way I change as a person. A couple of years ago and for some time, Trentemøller’s Last Resort was my favourite, after that I loved Stephan Bodzin’s Power’s of Ten. Back in the days, my favourite album of all times used to be Radiohead’s OK Computer. In general, I have to admit that I’m not a person who listens to an albums from start to finish. The reason: There’s always been a song or songs on every album, that I didn’t like as much. That’s even true for my own album. 🙂

What’s on your bucket list?

To stay satisfied and healthy, to reduce stress, drink less alcohol and work out more, to go hiking for 3 weeks in Patagonia, and Nepal, and to make the people in the audience happy with my music.




After a series of incredible bookings, Blender platform again decided to launch the event that will announce and set on fire to the summer season on Kalemegdan fortress. Under the open sky of the most picturesque clubbing location in Belgrade, two great names of world Progressive scene, Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren will give their performances on June 8.

In the recent explosion of talents and deejays produced by the music industry in the last couple of years, rare are those who can boast of their long-lived careers set in stone three years ago like the artist Hernan Cattaneo. He is one of the leading underground artists that Argentinian House scene can offer to the international one. His sound sets in the borders of Progressive, House and Techno, and he is also the founder of “Sudbeat” record label and the host of a show which goal was to introduce new talents to the scene, apart those well-known like Guy J, Nick Warren and Henry Saiz.

Put simply, DJ Nick Warren is the ambassador of Electronic Music. He has eight albums released on “Global Underground” label, tracks on “Renaissance” and “Balance Series” labels and the new and popular “The Soundgarden” mixes which all make him one of the first superstar deejays in the world, that decades later holds on to that very same title. Warren has a sort of musical depth and variety that make his every performance a unique listening experience, while his specific approach enabled him to connect with clubbers all over the world. Despite all his achievements, Nick Warren does not rest on his laurels, but always keeps focused on future projects.

Matador returns to Belgrade

A favorite of Belgrade’s crowd will shake the walls of Hangar doing what he does best on March 3. The excitement is mutual, and Belgrade has become one of Matador’s favorite party destinations. The crowd took great interest in his previous appearance and the sold-out show was remembered as one of his best. Impatiently, we await this event and Matador who will leave us breathless as always!


Gavin Lynch, known as Matador, was born in Dublin where he started his career as a sound engineer and DJ in smaller clubs, carefully planning his next big step. In just three years, he climbed to the top of the global DJ scene, vastly helped by Richie Hawtin’s record label “Minus”. Soon enough, Matador was on every major clubbing event line-up around the most famous worldwide clubs, alongside other DJs on the “Minus” label. In 2014 he was declared as the best LIVE act in Ibiza, and year by year he confirms it.

Anja Schneider: ”Can’t wait to be back”

Hello Anja 🙂

It is great to hear that you made another step in your career, opening a brand new label. Tell us why is SoUs different and special for you?

SoUs is very personal and gives me all the freedom which I missed the last year. I don’t have pressure or plans and can really concentrate on my music and myself as a dj. It was a big step for me and not easy to left everything behind but I feel a bit more light and will see where this goes. The good hingis that I don’t have the plan that’s very refreshing 🙂


Electronic music scene is constantly changing and whit it the popularity of music directions, for example in present time techno is the word. To your opinion who is dictating this, is it crowd or are the artists those who can make, or change the course?

I think we achived everything already in electronic music. We repeat a lot of sounds and music and it’s a constantly new interpretation of old sounds which keep always my interest and keep me going. Its of course the crowd the time and enviroment in that we living as well as the DJ’s. It’s a game of all together. I would love to know ther receipt of it.


You are a strong woman, you brought Mobilee to the top, you build your career as producer and DJ, and you are a mother. What was the hardest thing for you during all this time?

To leave all this and starting from scratch … but honestly I never thought that somethingis hard for me. Of course its hard to leave every weekend your famly and friends but on this same I made so much new friends and came home with full of new inspirations and good energy. Travel is the worse but still loving it to go around the world.


From all the parties, festivals, club life, why do you still love it and what does keep you going on?

The constant love to the music. I m still curious and excited and that’s the best.


Who would you like to recommend to us from young artists?

Be yourself and do what you love .


One sentence for Belgrade’s crowed?

Can’t wait to be back. Had always a great time here.


Ilario Alicante promises to deliver pure energy recharge at Hangar

Hello Ilario, we can’t wait to see you in Belgrade ☺


Tell us what were your impressions of electronic music scene when you were 15 years old teenager and what are they now? What were your thoughts back than when today you know how it really works?

I feel that our kind of electronic music has the widest range of listeners and followers than before. It’s normal that when products become kind of ‘mainstream’, things change. I have to say that the digital world became very very influent and for some people it’s a cool thing but others not. I always try to save the pure thoughts that I had when I was a teenager – my passion for the music, the parties, the smiles that people have on their faces when they’re listening to you play, for the dancing and the emotions that the music gives to you without asking for anything back. I think if you can take care of this, everything can change around you but it wil affect you or make you lose the passion.

In your biography it says that you are always going to be a clubber. Now when you are in rising career with lot of gigs, how do you find free time to fulfill that need and what is your favorite detail about being a clubber?

I absolutely need to find time for it. For example, during the winter seasons here in Berlin, when I come back after my gigs (normally on Sundays) I always try to find the energy to go to Berghain and let my body and mind get lost in the music and dance like nobody is watching me. I need those moments. I need to feel the music inside myself, enjoying the process from the dance floor. I love to ‘read’ the stories that DJs are writing through the music they are playing. That’s what made me fall in love with DJing. A good writer needs to still read other authors books.

Tell us one unique experience in your career that you will never forget?

The first time I closed the Amnesia terrace. That club is one of the most important places for me. I remember the moment I played one of my favourite tracks during the set and I turned around to see all my real friends supporting me, with the biggest smiles and then when I turned back to the crowd, every one was happy and the sun was starting to come through the terrace. The atmosphere was simply perfect and I felt that was like a connection of everything. I felt pure happiness and I will dedicate my life to music for moments like this. Unique.


What DJ or producer is the most fun to party with and why?

Of course it would have to be Sven Väth. He’s a mentor and a real DJ. I love the way he manipulates the music and releases his emotions through it. I’m always amazed to see how he always does it right and to see how people react to the those emotions.

What kind of party can Blender’s fans expect on 1st of January?

A proper recharge of energy to set you up for an amazing 2018!


The Islandic avant-garde electro sensation, GusGus, will perform in Hangar Luke Beograd on December 8. Supporting acts will consist out of the experimental duo Karpov Not Kasparov from Bucharest, as well as the local duo of Chorbika and MKDSL, a producer and multi-instrumentalist.

Ten years after their amazing Belgrade concert, GusGus is preparing a new, extravagant harmony of music and stage performance, with a lot of positive energy, still using analog equipment for maintaining that real electronic sound. Just before the release of their 10th album Lies Are More Flexible, Serbian crowd will be among the first ones to hear their new songs live.

They follow the principles of music being an unlimited process of creativity and they are able to create their unique sound mainly because they never gravitated to some popular music trends, but staying true to their souls. Although authentic and unusual, after two decades on the scene they are still exploring. On their return to Belgrade, this is what they had to say:

The show that we prepared will cover our entire career up to the latest works. We carefully selected the songs we are going to perform. Every time we go on stage, we do it with an intention of making a spectacular show. Over the last couple of months we performed in Russia, USA, Mexico and Eastern Europe and the reactions were incredible. People were screaming out of joy and happiness, and that is exactly what we want to happen in Belgrade. Expect a ton of positive energy and emotional charge, just as on the previous show. It is going to be terrific and exciting, a true eruption of pleasure.


GusGus was founded in 1995 as a collective of musicians, producers, movie creators and performers, during the shooting of the movie Pleasure (Nautn). Their second album Polydistortion from 1997, made them celebrities in Great Britain, after which they sold out many shows all over the world. They climbed to the top of the charts several years later with their single David, on their 4th studio album Attention (2002). Their biggest success was the Arabian Horse release in 2011 with hits like Over and Arabian Horse.

They are known for their eclectic sound and unconventional fusion of Electro, Techno, Trip hop and House, effectually combined with Pop and other music genres. They collaborated with numerous legendary artists such as Björk, Roisin Murphy, Depeche Mode, Sigur Rós and Ian Brown.

Karpov Not Kasparov from Bucharest, was founded in 2009 and many people call them the GusGus of the East. Their sets are done in form of an experimental live show, and they truly bring something special to the table. They have highs and lows, plot twists and near climaxes, like any good chess game. Like in chess, on which rules and strategies they base their musical creation, Karpov not Kasparov’s sound is a mathematical fusion of electronic music, an early 80’s sound and some jazzy-oriental flavors.


The biggest humanitarian festival of Electronic Music in Serbia, Dance4Life, will be held on December 2 in Hall 5 of the Belgrade Fair.

This humanitarian action in the form of a great party is reserved for just one night this year, but, as expected, it will gather the biggest stars of the local clubbing scene and equally important clubbers. This year the goal is to raise funds for the purchase of medical equipment that enables an early detection of rare illnesses.

If we take a look just two years back at the beginning of this wonderful happening, in 2015, in just one weekend, 30,000 euros were raised for medical treatment of Nemanja Ivanovic Manja (Dance4Manya), while last year we raised 37,600 euros for Mario Juresic’s treatment.

The entire organization highlights the fact that, with the help of music, society and positive energy, this is the third year in a row that people are joining up to fight for those who need their help the most. Aside this humanitarian cause, Dance4Life will gladden fellow partygoers with the state of the art stage, lighting and sound production.

“This is more of a movement, rather than an organization. It is our duty to raise the level of awareness about mutual care. In the previous years we managed to prove that you can do great things when a large group of individuals each make their small contribution to the cause. That is why we dance for the future of people who cannot afford medical treatment this year, as well”, said people from Dance4Life movement.

Zenker Brothers Interview: ”Being popular became more important than music”

The fact that you are brothers, beside the incredible talent, makes you even more interesting to the crowd. Was music something that brought you together and what pushed you to this beautiful partnership and how this developed over the years?

After growing up together and a short break of regular communication when Dario moved out of our Mum’s house, dance music actually brought us back together. We always had the same idea and vision of what music should transport and from this point on everything just went it’s natural ways until today and will probably develop as long as we do this.


What is the difference, judging by your own personal experience, when you are playing together as brothers and when you are playing separate sets? 

Playing together is mostly more challenging and improvised as you never know what the other will play next. Playing alone is a different thing as you mostly build bridges in your head already while playing and you can plan ahead. This of course always changes and variates with the crowd.


When it comes to your label ILIAN Tape – how does the process of deciding on what to release?

The stuff we release has to transport a feeling that we both get and can connect with, it’s less about functionality but more about the vibe of a track. Most of the times the tracks we release are laying around for a while and grow on us.


How do you manage to craft such a pure and authentic sound?

We are both music heads and quite into the hardware space. We are always changing things in the studio, getting new machines or selling gear, it is really a never ending field of experimentation. Making and releasing music is a constant process too, with ups and downs but it’s important to try to keep things moving and to stay honest at the same time. For the label we are always open for music that touches us in any way.


Do you implement a particular life philosophy when producing music? 

Not really, but everything that happens in life goes into the studio in our case. Spending time in the studio is essential to our happiness. It’s a never ending challenge trying to make a slammer.


When signing new artist, what is the special thing they have to have to make it on the label?

An own sound for sure. We always look for personality within music and positive vibes.


You have recognized music integrity in one of our finest DJ and producer Miloš Pavlović. What is that something special that drown you to his work?

 We are friends with Milos for many years, and he did not release much on the label yet actually. But we always loved the stuff he did and included him as much as possible.


Your website biography claims that you do not believe in the hype. But how do you feel about the situation on the global scene where hype seems to be everything?

Hype always comes and goes, but we always wanted to something that lasts.

Trends in music are always a tricky thing, as it brings up artists way to fast to handle everything and to build a good fundament for a career. Thats why you see so many artists disappearing after a while when they got to big to fast.

Some hypes are justified and some are based on an image, that seems very calculated and backed with money. Popularity becomes more important than the music. It becomes very predictable and therefore boring.


We heard you couldn’t handle a portion of 10 ćevap when you visited Serbia last time, are you ready to give it another try?

Who did tell you that? I think we even had 25 Cevap each..